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Our mission is to grow awareness on HIT & MCAS

At the Communality, our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge on histamine intolerance (HIT) and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and help people better manage these conditions. It is estimated that over 1% of the world’s population has histamine intolerance but many remain undiagnosed. Currently, there is little knowledge about these conditions among doctors and the general population. We want to connect the people who have the knowledge with the people who need it. Together, we are creating the largest collection of resources for people living with these conditions, so that we can better manage the conditions and live healthier, stronger, and better lives!

The potential is huge. If we can execute on our mission, we’re going to make a big impact on the world. We just need to get our community together so we can get there.

Let’s Dive In!

Fill out your profile with details on your condition and experiences so others can get to know you (and you don’t have to repeat yourself when asked about your condition!)

Participate in the community by responding to and asking questions, voting on responses, following and messaging users. Help the community help you!

Rules of the Road

Be part of the community. Be respectful, resourceful, supportive and please share your point of view constructively and politely. We’ll delete your snark, spam and remove users from the site who aren’t team players.

Don’t use the Communality as a substitute for medical advice and don’t offer medical advice or a diagnosis to others. Always consult with a medical professional before making changes to your medical protocol.

Avoid using this space to promote businesses or discuss religion and politics. We want this space to be used for sharing knowledge and information about your experiences with HIT, MCAS and related conditions only.